To qualify for gifted placement, a student must meet the criteria in three of the four categories according to State of Georgia/Irwin County Eligibility Criteria*:
  1. Mental ability – 96th percentile on a mental ability test
  2. Achievement – 90th percentile on total math or total reading on a school administered, standardized, norm referenced test.
  3. Creativity – Torrance Test of Creativity - 90th percentile.
  4. Motivation – Grade Point Average (GPA) at or 4.0 or 90 average, or standardized motivational rating scale at 90 or above on a scale of 1 – 100.
Gifted students will be served in a gifted advanced content class, and may be pulled out by a resource gifted teacher.

In advanced content classes, students are homogeneously grouped on the basis of achievement and interest in a specific academic content area. These students are provided with an advanced curriculum, one that is clearly different in content pacing, process skills emphases, and expectations of student performance from the courses that more typical students in that grade level would take. Students may qualify for the advanced content model as determined by recent test scores, past classroom performance, and teacher and administrator recommendation.