Pre-K Students Receive Books

April 12, 2018 April 12, 2018

Behind the Red Door

On Tuesday, April 10, our Pre-K students received their free copies of Behind the Red Door from Governor Nathan Deal, First Lady Sandra Deal, and Author/Musician Coy Bowles in honor of Georgia Pre-k's 25th Birthday. Approximately 86,000 students in pre-k programs across Georgia received a book. There was even a contest for Coy to come read to two Georgia pre-k classes. Irwin Pre-K did not win, but our students had fun making the video for the contest, and thought getting books was pretty COOL!  

Coy Bowles, Guitarist from the Zac Brown band, is the author. He has written several other children's books as well, such as Amy Giggles, Will Powers, and When You're Feeling Sick

Pictured are Mr. Steven's students reading/opening their books. They were so excited to receive them!