Grade 5

Room Teacher Lunch
D12 Couey, Charity 11:50-12:15
D10 Haire, Kayla 11:47-12:12
D9 Law, Meghan 11:50-12:00
D8 Martin, Alecia 11:45-12:10
D11 Purvis, Crystal 11:47-12:12
D6 Tucker, Keri 11:47-12:12

Daily Schedule

8:00-8:35 Flex Time
8:40-10:10 Group A
10:15-11:45 Group B
11:45-12:35 Lunch/Recess
12:40-2:10 Group C
2:10-3:00 Exploratory (Teacher Planning)
Grade 4

Room Teacher Lunch
A1 Hester, Krista 12:42-1:07
D7 Johnson, Carol Lynne 12:40-1:05
A3 Ray, Pam 12:45-1:10
A2 Roberts, Sarah 12:45-1:10
D4 Ross, Tammy 12:35-1:05
D5 Sutton, Cindy 12:40-1:05
D3 Walker, Kelly 12:42-1:07

Daily Schedule

8:00-8:35 Flex Time
8:40-9:30 Exploratory (Teacher Planning)
9:35-11:05 Group A
11:10-12:40 Group B
12:40-1:30 Lunch/Recess
1:30-3:00 Group C
Grade 2

Room Teacher Lunch
A10 Barrs, Amanda 11:20-11:45
A8 Edwards, Amelia 11:25-11:50
A9 Hamby, Denise 11:25-11:50
A5 Jankiewicz, Kay 11:15-11:40
A7 Lewis, Rebecca
Miss Lewis' Class Page
A4 Reeves, Anna Joy 11:15-11:40

Roberts, Ariel
Mrs. Roberts' Class Page

A6 Ross, Allison 11:20-11:45

Daily Schedule

8:00-8:35 Flex Time
8:40-11:15 Instructional Time
11:15-12:00 Lunch
12:00-1:15 Instructional Time
1:15-2:05 Exploratory (Teacher Planning)
2:10-3:00 Instructional Time
Grade 3

Room Teacher Lunch
B5 Busbin, Kim 11:05-11:30
B9 Clayton, Abby 11:13-11:38
B4 Clayton, Ann 11:07-11:32
B2 Stephens, Dedra 11:05-11:30
B7 Gibbs, Dixie 11:07-11:32
B11 Holt, Summer 11:10-11:35
B6 Spell, Haley 11:10-11:35
B3 Tankersley, Allyson 11:13-11:38

Daily Schedule

8:00-9:35 Instructional Time
9:35-10:25 Exploratory (Teacher Planning)
10:30-11:00 Flex Time
11:00-11:40 Lunch
11:40-3:00 Instructional Time
Grade 1
Room Teacher Lunch
H13 Benson, Diane 12:20-12:50
H14 Hurt, Ashley 12:25-12:55
H16 Kendrick, Jennifer 12:30-1:00
H12 Pylant, Rebecca 12:30-1:00
H9 Sanford, Tammie 12:25-12:55
H11 Walker, Jennifer 12:20-12:50
H15 Walker, Laura 12:35-1:05

Daily Schedule

8:00-11:25 Instructional Time
11:25-12:15 Exploratory (Teacher Planning)
12:20-1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:00 Instructional Time

Toll-Free School Safety Hotline

The 1-877-SAY-STOP toll- free hotline was created by the Georgia Department of Education. Students can anonymously report anyone who has a weapon, has threatened to bring a weapon to school, or has violated any other school safety rules. The hotline hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; after 5 p.m. all calls will be forwarded to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Callers will not be asked to reveal their identities. Make the call; you can make a difference!